I am grateful to listen

by Jennifer Brevorka

I am grateful to St. Stephen's for the opportunity to listen.  So often in our daily lives--or at least mine--we am consumed by talking to others or trying to get "tasks" done.  Attendance at church and maintaining a friendship with St. Stephen's clergy and staff allows me to express myself. But more importantly, these acts allow me to sit back and hear insights on God, my life, spirituality, careers, and our community.  By attending church and participating in parish life, I have the opportunity to listen to sermons by Ryan, Lisa, and Sarah, and these homilies often drive home a message about the Gospel that resonates with the ups and downs in my life. I am grateful to listen to Lisa's wisdom when I have grabbed coffee or lunch with her.  I am grateful to Sarah for her updates--thoughtful and gender-inclusive--on what is transpiring at a national level within the Episcopal church. And, I am grateful to hear from fellow parish members as I listen to others share their wishes for prayers, healing, and gratitude. By listening to others, I get to help friends by offering my prayers.  I celebrate with pew mates by hearing about life milestones. And, I have the opportunity to offer thanks for a myriad of accomplishments by myself and others. Thanks St. Stephen's for letting me listen, which helps me spiritually and guides my soul.