Foyer Dinners

The sign up for 2018-2019  Foyer Groups is now open. New groups will be formed in Eastertide and begin meeting in late May/early June. Last year’s Foyers members will receive the email invitation to complete an online signup form.

What is Foyers?

Foyers, Foyer Groups or Foyer Dinners are a fun and easy way for parishioners to gather together on a regular but informal basis for purely social reasons – to enjoy one another’s company, to strengthen bonds of community, to meet new members and just to get to know other people who share the St. Stephen’s community, in Grace but with whom we may not otherwise interact. Foyer Dinners provide a means to develop new friendships and deepen old ones and are a way to make our congregation feel smaller and warmer.

Who are they for?

Foyer groups are open to the entire community of St. Stephen’s. Newcomers are especially invited to join one of the groups at any time. Groups are made up of singles, couples, young people, retired folks, etc., in other words a cross section of the parish.

When can I join or sign-up?

Now! This year we’re adding a new “September start” group to facilitate adding newcomers and the summer travelers of our community - and we may add a new group throughout the year. 

When and where are they held?

Foyer Dinners are usually held each month, Friday or Saturday evenings, Sunday brunch or dinner,  in the homes of volunteer Foyer hosts or occasionally at a convenient restaurant. Groups are kept small with only eight to 10 in each. Groups are kept small with only 8 to 10 in each. New Foyer groups are formed during Lent and then the group meets each month for about a year until the following Lent when new groups are formed.

We recommend that parishioners who have been in Foyer groups for a few years to sign up for a different day this year to make it more likely that your 2018-19 group will include different people.

How do I get involved?

Click and complete the Foyer Dinner Registration button below. Registration deadline is April 22, 2018. 


Questions or concerns about Foyers may be directed to Laura Thewalt, Foyers Coordinator ( 713-906-3128).

One of the best ways to get to know others in our church is through Foyer Groups.”