St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Daring to grow requires that St. Stephen’s take risks. It means that we have to ask and answer tough questions. Daring to grow means relying on God’s power and not only on our own wills.


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Several years ago the leadership at St. Stephen’s Church and School created a prayer to cast a vision to open up our community to God’s action among us. In it we petitioned God that we might “dare to grow.” This phrase has become a lodestar for us and the theme of our ministry.

Our vision

  • Developing a culture which is hospitable and connecting, one which reflects the diversity of our city.

  • Creating pathways for individuals and families to join into meaningful learning and service.

  • Seeking to be good stewards of our land and building resources in conjunction with our school, all the while sharing a mission of forming children.

Our Goal

We have undertaken a master plan for renovation and construction on campus. To fund it, the church and school have raised $3.7 million for our capital campaign thus far. We will continue to fundraise.

What’s next?

Each month, we will share this challenge so we can grow together to meet the spiritual, community, and physical needs of our church and school in the 21st century. We will keep you updated through this page about the campaign details and the ways you can be a part of it.