Ensuring our Hospitality and Safeguarding our Welcome

raptor system logo.png

This summer St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and School created a common weekday entrance  off the main church entrance, as a first step toward living into the vision of our Master Plan.  The offices of the Head of School and the School Secretary were also moved into the administrative space off the garden.  These moves communicate our common ministry and foster greater security for our children and staff.

A new security measure, Raptor Visitor Management, will be instituted in early January.  Upon entering the shared church and school entrance (West Alabama) all visitors will be asked to present a valid government issued ID, which will be scanned into the system. All other doors into the buildings are locked. It is  important to note that the system only scans the name, date of birth and photo for comparison with the national database of registered sex offenders. Additional data from valid IDs is not gathered. Guests who do not have such an ID will be invited to be seated in the Gathering Area and a staff member will come to assist them. 

Folks who come into the Church for meditation and prayer will follow this same procedure. Visitor badges  may be left at the front office upon the conclusion of the visit.  School hours are Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.  On Sundays, the doors to the Munro Building will remain locked and all will enter through the front doors of the Nave but will not be required sign-in via Raptor System. We are trying to exercise prudence and hospitality.  We want to take reasonable precautions without alienating our visitors.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the rector, Lisa Hunt at 713-528-6665.