How Do We Begin?

When you decide to start on new venture, practice, hobby, class, you name it, what do you need to have courage to take the first step? I posed this question to the Vestry last Tuesday and it was fascinating to hear the variety of approaches. Several folks discussed the need for a vision of where they would end up; Stephen Covey’s begin with the end in mind. Others wanted to reach into their past or core, what is there foundation? Others wanted a flight plan, how would one get there.

As a parish we are beginning a new stage in our common life. As we enter into a new academic year, St. Stephen’s will be engaging our community with a new offering—our Block Party on September 8 at 11:45; we are working with Project Control to craft a construction budget and request for proposal for an architect; we will be Daring to Grow as we validate our priorities for our future and give to make it happen; and new musical and formation offerings for our children and youth.

We know, as Christians, that the essential beginning is prayer. Our common worship and personal devotional practice, ground us in awareness of Christ’s abiding presence with us and in us. The Holy Spirit will strengthen us as we discern and act toward God’s vision for the Church. May you have the courage and vulnerability to begin.

- Lisa