Paying the Piper:  More Building News

When it rains, it pours—literally.  A few weeks ago I shared with you that St. Stephen’s was facing major issues with water intrusion in the education wing of the building and in our offices.  Thanks be to God, those issues have been addressed.  This week we have learned that the roof in the tower above the altar will need to be replaced; water is coming into the sanctuary.  In addition,  the air conditioner which cools the Gathering Area is shot.

 We are fortunate that the Vestry and School Board of Trustees have had the foresight to launch a capital campaign to address renovations and to build a new facility which will meet our needs.  However, we are now in a position where deferred maintenance issues are catching up with us.  It is time to pay the piper.

 The Vestry will be working to cover these expenses as we prepare to launch the public phase of the capital campaign this fall.  Know that the parish relies on your pledges and offerings to cover these expenses.   Please, keep current with your offerings and be as generous as you can be.  This will assist us in the summer cash flow slump.

 The good news is that Project Control will be coming to work with us as we prepare to call our architect in the new year.  This project management firm will work with us to hone our budget, program, and needs.  Not a minute too soon!