A Mission to Share and to Receive


On July 8, 2017 ten members of the St. Stephen’s community will depart from Houston, journeying to San Jose, Costa Rica for a week of service with our sisters and brothers in ministry there.  The Anglican Diocese of Costa Rica is a mission-driven community, practicing innovative ministry in many ways. In response to a large influx of Central American immigrants and refugees the people of the diocese have been creative to meet needs in their society: founding new schools in poor and underserved neighborhoods, a ministry to support women living with HIV/AIDS, establishing Spanish language services, and creating partnerships between churches and schools to meet the educational and housing needs of growing immigrant and refugee populations.
The Diocese of Costa Rica has a dynamic and growing ministry throughout the country. Our mission group will offer support of this ministry via Vacation Bible School for students who are in need of a safe space to spend the day during their summer break. Our prayer is to learn from the people of this diocese and to build lasting relationships. While we will be supporting their ministries we are hopeful that this trip will be equally formative for our group as we experience serving immigrant and refugee populations in a diocese that prioritizes ministry to underserved communities. We also hope our experiences will help us envision new ways to serve God’s people outside the walls of the church.
Our St. Stephen’s mission group includes Megan Brannon, Gunnar DeBruijn, Sheri DeBruijn, Patrick Flannery, Ben Flannery, Michael Gamboa, Ryan Hawthorne, Nell Gutierrez, Marlon Trent, and Scott Painter.
As we plan to serve children in central San Jose, along with parishioners at El Buen Pastor, please prayer with us.  Many have expressed an interest in traveling but are not able to go with us at this time.  In a grace economy, you can share financial resources or talents (such as language skills) in our preparation in order to support this mission.
If you’re interested in the work we’re doing and want to know more contact: Ryan Hawthorne or The Rev. Scott Painter.