Blog by Lisa Hunt

Faith in action takes many forms.  It may be paying a visit to a homebound person, sending a sympathy card, taking a retreat, volunteering with a non-profit, writing a check to support ministry, or calling a senator.  Faith is not so much about belief in our heads as it is the work of our hearts, the multiplication of love in the world through the grace of God.

Most importantly faith requires us to be in relationship…with God, our inner selves, our families, our congregation, and our neighbors.  We build trust (faith) through these webs of care which enable us to do more that we can ask or imagine.

Our relationship with Christ compels us to be in relationship with one another, with those who differ from us, and with strangers.  The power of sharing experience and story is transformative.  I experienced this recently when I attended a training session with United We Dream, an organization of young immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and who are documented through DACA, the Dreamer act.  These young leaders are working to empower the refugee and immigrant community to know their rights and to care for their families in the face of ICE crackdowns.  It was heart rending to me to hear of children coming to school not knowing if their parents would be there when they returned, of parents not knowing any U.S. citizen other than their child’s teacher, of those detained in for profit detention centers not being allowed a phone call unless they worked at the center to “earn” the money to make the call.

The world around us at St. Stephen’s is changing rapidly. We, as followers of Jesus, are called to put our faith in action, to build relationships that manifest the love of God and so foster peace and justice in our city.  I hope you will join me on Sunday, April 2, from 12-2:45 p.m. in Pecore Hall for our next congregational engagement session in our strategic ministry process.  Our relationships with one another are the basis of our ministry and from that foundation we put our faith in action.  This session will help us identify our current relationships in mission and ministry.  

- The Reverend Lisa Hunt, Rector