Help us Tell St. Stephen's Story

The story of any family, place, or people begins with history.  Who have we been?  What’s been important?  Why did we act in this way?  What challenges have we faced?  Congregations are the same.  Faith communities are made up of the stories we hold, both scriptural and our own lived and remembered experience.
The Strategic Planning Ministry Team will hold its first congregational event on Sunday, March 5, in Pecore Hall from noon- 3 p.m.  You will be receiving an invitation from them directly.  The focus of this event will be on sharing our history as a community and as individuals.  The truth of who we are begins with remembering.
The reason that the Vestry and I thought that it was time for St. Stephen’s Church to do a strategic plan is that we do not have a document which summarizes our hopes and expectations for our life together which has measurable outcomes.  As stewards, we need our church to be both sustainable and missional.  Through a grant from the Episcopal Health Foundation, St. Stephen’s is able to have consultants through the Kaleidoscope Institute work with us to create such a plan which will enable to develop wellness in our community and in our parish.  This work will guide our priorities, spending, ministries and building for years to come and provide us with metrics to hold ourselves accountable to God and one another.
You are the bearer and creator of the story of St. Stephen’s.  I hope you will join us on March 5 as we tell the tale of our life together.

he Reverend Lisa Hunt