Kadosh Adult Formation in May: Growing Pains

 The theme for Kadosh Adult Formation in May is growing pains. I immediately think of the physical growing pains we all experience to some degree.  Although we may not remember our early years with the terrible two’s, we most certainly remember those awkward years around middle school when young ladies usually grow taller than boys in their class and our voices shift to new highs and lows. As we grow into our bodies, we learn how to adjust and move onward.

In relation to our faith, what growing pains have we faced as Episcopalians? Experiencing loss and trying to understand how a caring God would allow us to hurt so much inside is an example of growing in our faith through a painful experience.  What else may stretch us in our faith and in our relationship with God?  While I do not think that all growth comes through pain, how might you describe your personal and spiritual growth?
Join us throughout May as we explore growing pains in our faith.  Our conversation is different every time and engaging. Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in the Havens Center.

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--Dan Maxwell