Hajj for Christians

Due to the current climate of fear and negativity directed toward Muslims in our society, it is important that we take purposeful steps to foster understanding and interfaith dialogue with the Muslim community.  The purpose of this Lenten offering is to express solidarity and respect via a spiritual practice based upon the Muslim Hajj.  We invite you to join us.

For Muslims. the Hajj is a sacred spiritual journey, the purpose of which is personal reflection, transformation, connection with the divine, and living with greater intention.  Even though there may be thousands of Muslims participating in the Hajj at any given time, each participant is on his or her own personal pilgrimage.

For each week of Lent, there appears in the attached document a summary of a segment of the Hajj in bold type followed by suggestions for reflection and action to implement that step of the pilgrimage into your daily life as you journey through Lent.  You may follow these suggestions or create your own action.

Download Guide Here.