Expanding Marriage for All

St. Stephen’s Rector, Lisa Hunt, has been invited by Bishop Doyle to draft  a policy on same sex marriage to assist couples whose parish clergy are unable to perform their marriages because of conscience.  In the absence of a stated policy couples are now on their own to find supportive priests to prepare them for marriage and to preside at their weddings.  The intent of the policy is to provide pastoral support for couples, while at the same time inviting their clergy to be in relationship, in spite of the clergy’s personal objections.
In the Episcopal Church, no priest is required to marry any one. 
We as a Church are in a time of transition regarding same sex marriage.  While we have discerned as a church that we care called to open the sacrament to LGBT persons, not all of the Church is of one mind.  The Diocese of Texas is seeking to serve us all.
Lisa is inviting the parish to join her in conversation on February 28 at noon in the Havens Center over a light lunch to discuss what elements need to be included in a draft policy.  The ultimate decision lies with the Bishop.