Coming together

What do bathrooms and clergy have in common?
In the aftermath of the November defeat of HERO, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance,  I had an opportunity to meet with some of my colleagues for a debriefing conversation.  We talked about the craftiness of the opposition who utilized fear so effectively in their ads which suggested that equal rights for Houstonians would make it legal for sexual predators to terrorize young girls in bathrooms.  A wicked, but emotionally effective strategy.  The Houston Pastors Council took the lead as a religious voice promulgating this position on this issue.
My colleagues and I have decided to organize an alternative voice for common good in Houston.  It will be an interfaith group of leaders which will seek to increase justice and civic engagement in our city.  We recognize the need for an alternative voice to frame a faith perspective that is not fundamentalist.  We know that while fear motivates people, the health of the community is not served by appealing primarily to this base instinct.
I invite your prayers for this effort and for your help in reaching out to interfaith leaders across Houston who may be interested in joining in this work.