Clergy Series: Shock

In this post-election climate, many feelings rise to the surface as we process the results and upcoming transition in our national government. While no feeling should be dismissed, an awareness that emotions are seasonal is important for us to remember. Writing poetry is one approach to process what is moving within me as I encounter the world. On Monday of this week, “shock” rose to my surface...

Shock is the meteorite that travels mainly unnoticed. Fire blazing from its tail. Creating a gulf in the foundation of the earth. She menaces without regard to the atmosphere. Dividing the precious ground once fertile.

Shock has the capacity to survive generations. Burrowing through society and shifting norms of allegiance. He seemingly cares not for the sanctity of this island home. Notorious for power and influence. Seduced by human empires.

With one wretched blink of the eye, shock shows the landscape ever-changed. She penetrates the system. Attempting to paralyze even the most faithful of pilgrims. Shock displaces breath, knowing that oxygen suffocated is the best attempt on life. Often unaware of her deep impact, shock haphazardly interrupts the rhythms of existence. Freezing the evolution of progress. Notably jarring footsteps forward. Raggedly confiscating the terrain headed eastward.

Shock equally perpetrates both individual and community. Serving to isolate each soul. Consequently altering relations between. And elevating the status of non-movement. His division is curiously without prejudice. Yet separates nonetheless.

The true sin of shock is exemplified in the wake of her aftermath. Tempting victims to remain eternally stymied. Counting on fierce insecurity and a daunted spirit. Yet shock knows that the very core of beloved creation subsists dogged perseverance. That may best be described as mysterious.

For shock has seen his control wane in time. Again and again. As delirium surfaces. As recalibration enters center stage. As overarching justice is willed by the Creator. And a people united refuse to accept his chaotic scheme.

Shock may carry today. But she is no match for the passage of time. Amen.

~The Reverend Brandon Peete

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