Words from Rev. Lisa Hunt on Supreme Court Ruling

The United States’ Supreme Court’s decision today recognizing the civil rights of Americans who are gay and lesbian to marry is an important step toward full legal equality and is a moral leap toward greater justice in our country. As a matter of law, this ruling supports couples in caring for one another, supporting their children, and contributing to their communities with confidence in fuller citizenship.

While St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church has been honored to bless the lifelong covenants of many gay and lesbian couples, we recognize that not all Christian churches have experience with this ministry.  This ruling does not overturn the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  No members of the clergy are required to marry anyone in their houses of worship. This does not change today.

What is opened today is the possibility for congregations to fully welcome LGBT couples into their bodies as equal citizens.  We encourage clergy and other people of faith to embrace this possibility.  We are happy to serve as a resource and share our experience.

We delight in this ruling and call on the Texas Secretary of State and the Clerk of Harris County to uphold the law.