The Da Vinci Lab for the Creative Arts and Sciences

What is a MakerSpace?

A maker space (sometimes called a hacker space, tinker space, or fabrication lab) is a place where individuals come to design and create. Often, the tools and technology of a maker space fall into four categories: analog fabrication - including the hand tools and power tools one might find in a wood shop digital fabrication - including 3D printers, laser cutters, and Arduino micro controllers CAD (computer aided design) stations - software that allows one to design objects to be realized through some combination of digital and analog fabrication craft setups - including tools and supplies that range from knitting to soldering and screen printing to molecular gastronomy

Typically, a maker space operates on monthly memberships, in which members pay for access to the space and equipment and can pay additional fees for a reserved workspace and storage. 

What is our space? — the Da Vinci Lab for the Creative Arts & Sciences

Our space takes the concept of a maker space as a launch point. More than a place for individuals to learn and use tools to make their own projects, DVLCAS is a place to build community. The technologies and equipment within the space will serve as a means to integrate different fields and blur the lines between subjects such as math, art, science, engineering, film, and music. 

DVLCAS is a self and group directed space. Members of the community (apprentices) will have the freedom to create, innovate, collaborate and fabricate. To aid this process, guides will be on staff to act as a resource for those needing to learn new skills and discuss ideas. Scholars from the greater Houston community will also spend time in the space, inspiring and supporting the projects of the apprentices through their own work and expertise. This community involvement starts at the beginning. Architects from Gensler Firm are on board, helping to shape the physical and philosophical space of the Da Vinci Lab.

There is a spirituality inherent in the process of creation. Inspiration and innovation come by way of mysterious and inexplicable means. The Da Vinci Lab exists to give structural support to the amorphous process of creation—incubating ideas, clearing boundaries, and fostering a community of boundless knowledge.