From the Rector: Together in Mission, the Arts


One of the strengths of our Episcopal tradition is our valuing and use of the arts as a means to God.  Episcopalians care about beauty as a vehicle for expressing our spirituality and of connecting us to the Holy.  Art is sacramental for us.  We rejoice in making music; we care about the wording of prayer; we feast our eyes on visual cues to the divine in vestments, stained glass, and metal work.

It is small wonder that  a school which is grounded in our mission as a church would utilize the fine arts as a means of spiritual formation of its community of learning.  I am excited to share with you the reflections of the Director of Fine Arts, Holli Richardson.

At St. Stephen’s we provide an opportunity for students to express themselves, explore creative outlets, and see their work affirmed.  The arts program is crucial for giving students confidence in their own creativity; a confidence that translates into  all aspects of their academic life.

St. Stephen’s Fine Arts Program integrates the arts with our core curriculum.   For example, throughout the year we’ve explored various ways to link the arts with sciences, doing units on the physics of sound in music and using film as a medium for presenting science concepts.  Working with Spanish classes during October, students created displays explaining Dia de los Muertos; the high school works were displayed at Lawndale Art Center.  Elementary students created Monarch butterflies that became part of a transnational migration, ending up in Ocampo, Mexico.