St. Stephen's Profiled in by the UH Cougar

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church was featured in an article titled, "A Place to Call Home: Houston Churches Embrace LGBT Community."

During Pride Houston last year, one of the nation’s largest LGBT pride parades, a family of three – Brandon Peete, his wife Hilary and their 2-year-old son, Felix – were beaming, covered in beads of all colors, soaking in the megawatt-energy of the night. Buckled snug in his stroller, Felix couldn’t get enough of the neon lights and bass-thump spirit that Pride Houston has become synonymous with.

 “You can imagine the stimulation all around,” Peete said. Sitting in his office, his eyes filled with tears slowly, then all at once. “It was not only a proud moment for me as a priest… But as a father, to be walking was really…” Peete’s voice cracked; he couldn’t finish his thought.

He isn’t alone. If Christianity and homosexuality were once separate forks to be chosen on a road, policy and liturgical practices suggest they’re now converging more than ever. In Houston, growing pains between the LGBT community and political right (see: Human Equal Rights Ordinance sermon subpoenas) cast a cloud over collaborations between Houston’s churches and the gay community.

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