Story Telling: God Dwells Within


An imaginative, fun-loving kid, I recall my childhood holidays filled with sentiments of wonder,  delight and love abound - still holds true for me  now.  I keenly remember the warm embrace of mutual adoration, happiness  and lots of laughter existing among modest  gift exchanges.   I am grateful for humble and hard-working farming and ranching family roots, providing for my sincere love of nature and  genuine relationships.  Authentic connection is central to who I am.  Intentionally living a simplistic life, brings me joy and allows me to focus on my primary need of shared moments with people, not things.  Both personally and professionally,  I look toward the future with a vision beyond historical inequity, material acquisition and societal status quo.  I care to invest time in appreciation of the unique tapestry of God's creation in others, really.   I identify and naturally gravitate toward diverse and varying aspects of the world.  It is both uncertain, yet thrilling for me to engage in areas apart from created safe parameters.  Of higher importance to me, however, is  that  I remain open to opportunities of personal exploration and growth.   Truly knowing that in these particularly vulnerable and real moments , God dwells within me...all the while.
I  originally became a member of SSEC in 2004 and was involved with Worship Acolyte duties and assisted in providing adult ESL classes in the community.  Upon returning  in 2013, I am currently involved with Altar Guild , Worship,  Rosary Group, Presence Group, Service Ministry Co-Chair and Integrity Houston board member.

- lee lozano