Advent Story Telling: God Dwells in Strength, Love,


We begin this fourth, and last week of Advent with the prompt:  Describe space(s) in your own life in which God has come to dwell.  Our first story comes from Mychal Reitman, teacher at St. Stephen's Episcopal School.

Quite simply, God is love. Regardless of creed, it is what resides in one’s heart that determines one’s place in the cosmic scheme of things. I find strength in love, empathy, and compassion, three basic tenets of my life which dwell within me. I can thank all of my guides and role models for instilling and cultivating these basic humanistic values which have led me on my path. As an agnostic, I find God’s love in the strength of those around me. I find love in relationships with the people I come across, in romantic and platonic relationships with a partner, friend, acquaintance, or stranger. I find love as a nurturer, in my role as a caretaker and educator, and in my role as a builder of community. I find love in caring for those going through struggles, in giving my time and effort, and in striving to make the world around me better than when I found it. God’s love emanates through my love. My love makes the world brighter.

Mychal Reitman is in his second year as a member of the St. Stephen’s family, currently serving as the Lead Teacher for Lower Elementary (grades 1-3),