Advent Story Telling

Several years ago I took a road trip with a friend. We left Rochester, New York and traded off driving every two hours. At the end of the second day, we reached my friend’s mother’s house in rural Louisiana. The next day I set off on my own to Texas. A week later we reversed the trip, this time with my mother-in-law riding back up with us and a car full of goods we needed to transport. The third day we reached my friend’s apartment in Rochester. We unloaded her things, and my mother-in-law and I got back in the car to finish the last few miles of the trip. The car wouldn’t start at all; wouldn’t even turn over. The battery was completely dead. How glad we were that we were in a safe place when we needed to be! We thanked God that we hadn’t been stranded somewhere. We were able to call someone to pick us up and take us home with all of our belongings and replace the battery the next day. A shop-keeper from the street where we had to leave the car overnight approached me to tell me that he would keep an eye on it for me.

I should have checked the road-worthiness of the car before the trip. My inattention to detail put the safety of all three of us at risk that week. But by God’s grace, we experienced deliverance. As so many times in my life, God’s power overcame my own shortcomings and rescued me. I invite you to think on God’s deliverance in your own life, whether physical, psychological or spiritual. 

Grace Joseph and her family have been attending St. Stephen's Episcopal since relocating to the Houston area in 2012. This is their third year as participants in the Foyers program. Grace serves as a reader at the 8:30 service, and is on the School Board.