Advent Story Telling: Deliverance

I have always felt the love of Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ in my life. I had been attending an English congregation for the past 12 years when I began to feel the prompting to move back to my old Spanish congregation. The message was loud and clear to go back to Spanish language congregation. I talked to my family about it, thinking they would not be supportive of the idea, and I was wrong. They also had felt the same prompting. We happily listened to our intuition and moved to a Spanish congregation. After a month had passed, my husband was called to serve as bishop of that Spanish congregation. I knew from that moment on, without a doubt, that we were delivered and prepared by Christ’s love for this calling of service in our church. More than 2,000 years ago, God sent Jesus Christ to be our Savior. Jesus Christ was born to save us from our sins, born so we can be born again and return to live with God someday. Let us rejoice greatly this Christmas season, for unto all of us a savior is born.

ladis Martin has been a Teacher at St. Stephen’s Episcopal school Houston for 10 years.