From the Rector: After Empire

As oil prices plummet there is anxiety in Houston.  How low will they go?  Have we been living in a bubble that is about to burst?  In the light of this contraction and the resurgence of terror, isn’t the smart thing to contract, to play it safe?

While sane people may respond to upheaval by hunkering down, the People of God see in these times of chaos signs of God’s new thing.  The tearing down of empires, be they Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, or Roman, were occasions for liberation, creativity, redemption, and renewal for Israel and the Church.  At St. Stephen’s we know this too, after all, we were founded in the throes of the Depression in 1929.

We take our place in Christian history as we begin imagining this new phase of our community’s life in our master planning process.  What ministries is God calling St. Stephen’s to in this 21st century?  How will we use our resources to be a light to our city?  What does service with our space look like?  How do we inspire faith, hope, and love in our neighbors?

We will continue this journey on Saturday as our leaders meet to take a stab at these questions. We will all be part of this process of discernment and daring. When empires fall, God’s people are saved.  May we have the courage to bear witness to that reality in our time.