From the Rector: Come Out of Tradition



“What’s a thurifer?”  This was a pretty innocent question, but it highlighted for me the challenge of bringing the Church into the future.  The truth is a lot of our tradition is not readily accessible to folks who are outside the institutional church.  Our insider talk can leave folks cold.

This weekend we launch our Coming Out! Campaign at St. Stephen’s.  For the next six weeks we will be challenged by members of our community to step out of our assumptions and to engage our values in unconventional ways. If our congregation is to be vital, we need to come out of our assumptions about being and doing Church.  We will need our collective resources of money, time and talent to effect transformation in the Montrose and beyond.

This Sunday, St. Stephen’s youth will be challenging us to come out to cherish the future.  It is not enough for us to be absorbed in the requirements of our own generation.  Our young people will challenge us to come out and care about their future and that of their children.

Also, we will be holding a training day at 9:30 a.m. for many of our Sunday lay ministries.  This is an opportunity for us all to move from being consumers to creators of worship.  Consider coming and learning a new role in our common life….from reading to taking communion to the shut-in, we will offer a variety of opportunities.

The Christian tradition is a rich heritage which we relish and desire to pass on. Christ calls us to share our riches to the world beyond the church.  Come out on Sunday!  (p.s. a thurifer is the person who swings the incense pot, the thurible.)