Report from First Youth Gathering


Dear St. Stephens Community,

We are excited to share news from our first youth event of the year. We had a great time making waffles and coming up with crazy topping combinations like ice cream, cookie butter, Nutella and chocolate chips! Doesn’t get more crazy than that! As we gathered together we talked about Lisa’s sermon and what it means to build community, be vulnerable and ministers of healing and reconciliation. We decided that’s what we are—a community of young people coming together to socialize, learn from one another, and journey together as we learn about God, Christ and how we live out our beliefs.

 We also know that we are a part of the larger St. Stephens community in which we participate and are formed. While we discussed these things we came up with a list of who we are and who we hope to be based on the core values of our parish. 

Who we are: 
·         we are youth of St. Stephens Episcopal church
·         we believe
·         we are respectful of individuality and difference
·         we serve
·         we question—EVERYTHING
·         we are social
·         we are unique
·         we are fun
·         we are participants in worship

Who we hope to be:
·         we hope to be a group of individuals who help build community
·         we hope to relational
·         we hope to compassionate

Our lists are not exhaustive and will continue to grow. We have shared them with you all because we understand that being relational and building community requires accountability. We hope you will hold us accountable as we journey together this year. Thanks. 

In Christ, 

Episcopal Youth Community