Summary of Report from the Task Force on Service

(In March, the Vestry commissioned a small task force to examine the relationship of our community to Christian service. The Task Force on Service was charged with articulating our theology of service and its relationship to Christian formation; as well, to examine the range of our commitment to service. The task force met several times in the following nine weeks, interviewing numerous members of our community, past and present, before submitting a final report to the Vestry on May 20. The following text is drawn from that report).

The mission of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church is to walk, without judgment, with those taking different paths to God so that we may be transformed through Jesus Christ as we serve others.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Community has a long history of serving others. But change now swirls around our campus; economic, social, and spiritual trends reshape our neighborhood, our church, and our world. So we take this moment to pause and ask ourselves: what is our theology of service, and how should we best express it today?