Informal Dinner Gatherings
“Foyers” or “Foyer Dinners” is the name we use for informal dinner gatherings held monthly to allow community members to get to know one another and to get to know newcomers in an informal, friendly setting. Foyer groups are open to the entire community of St. Stephen’s. 

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For the newcomer. For the seasoned. For the skeptic, the critic, the I'm-not-sure-about-church person. For the pilgrim, the faithful, the wonderer. For the intellectually-minded or the feeler. For the one who question, doubt, or has theological baggage. For the hopeful, the relationship-seeker, the liturgically-inclined. For the one who ponders a return to faith community. And the one looking to deepen relationship with God and neighbor.

Each Sunday, adults gather to engage topics at the intersection of life and faith. The format of the class follows a liturgy (a set, intentional pattern) that includes gathering meditation, poll-by-text, breakout discussions, Scriptural reflection, and group commissioning. Though the topic may change, the liturgy remains the same each week.  Topical themes are selected monthly in a vote by poll. Join us.

Sundays, Haven Center, 9:30 a.m.

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20s & 30s Group

From September through May, 20s & 30s meet at various restaurants in the Montrose area to discuss life, current events, scripture, and theology. The meetings are casual and laid back, so don’t worry about dress. We often discuss the upcoming readings that will be featured in the Sunday service, but don’t feel pressured to do any homework, as all the material is provided during the meeting. We hope that you’ll join us for some good food, better conversation, and a chance to connect with the Montrose community!

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The Presence Group

The Presence Group has been reading and meditating together since 2005. We are a group of contemplative individuals whose purpose is to strive to be continually awake to the certain presence of God in ourselves, in others, and in all living things; to live with intention; and to try to discern God's desire for our lives. We do this by exploring a variety of sources through group discussion, through active prayer lives, and by engaging in meditation - both group and individual - to "listen with the heart" for God's voice. We acknowledge that this is a life-long work that requires patience and commitment.  We welcome anyone who wishes to join us. Our blog can be found here.  Questions? Email us at

Sundays, Library, 1 - 2:30 p.m.


Education for Ministry (EFM) 

Education for Ministry (EfM) beginning in mid-January each year. Through study, prayer, and reflection, EfM groups move toward a new understanding of the fullness of God's kingdom. Dig deeper into the Christian faith, studying the Bible, Church history and theological ideas and reflect on connecting faith with life experiences.  An EfM seminar group consists of six to twelve participants and a trained mentor who meet weekly over the course of a nine-month academic year.

The cost is $375 for the year, which includes all books we engage. Scholarship assistance is available. Please contact the group Mentor, Laura Thewalt about St. Stephen's EfM group. 

Wednesdays, Sumners Room, 6:30 - 9:15 p.m. (plus 3 hours of weekly prep time)

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Men's Spirituality group

In the Men's Spirituality Group, we discuss our life journeys, our religious backgrounds and beliefs, our relationships, our hopes and fears, and our successes and failures. It is a place where we can speak honestly from the heart, instead of the head. We seek to cultivate compassion, connection, and mutual respect rather than power or stoicism. Perhaps the most important thing we do is just listen to each other without trying to "fix" each other. We face the uncertainties of our lives together.

We always welcome visitors and encourage more men to become regular members.  Because we seek to speak honestly, and are willing to be vulnerable, we hold our conversations in confidence.  

Second Thursday of the month, Library, 7 p.m.

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Episcopal Beliefs and Practices

Periodically we offer an Episcopal Beliefs and Practices class for those new to Christianity, to the Episcopal Church, or to St. Stephen’s, as well as for those who are looking for a refresher course in their theology and practice. It is required for those wanting to pursue confirmation as a member of St. Stephen’s when the Bishop visits. 

Our 2019 courses occur during Lent/Easter and in the Fall (in anticipation of the Bishop’s visitation) every Sunday at 9:35 a.m. 


Bible Study

Every Monday at noon, meet with the Rector and other parishioners to discuss the readings for the upcoming week.  No preparation is required.  Please join us to reflect and share insights on the upcoming readings.  Meets in the Library.

Wednesday Evening
Please join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Gathering Area to read the Bible and participate in a lively study of the Word.  Meets in the Gathering Area.