Since 1927, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church has been vibrant, open, friendly, and diverse. We are a place of acceptance and celebration.


Our Mission

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church is an inclusive, nurturing, and healing community that seeks and invites all to practice the transformational and empowering work of Jesus Christ among us and in the world.

Our core values

Our work is motivated through adherence to our core values.

  • We Cherish the Future. Acting responsibly we ensure a sustainable future for all creatures.

  • We Practice Service. Service to others within and beyond our community is integral to our purpose.

  • We Affirm Individuality. Each individual is a unique creation worthy of our respect and understanding.

  • We Question Everything. Intellectual integrity results from questioning, learning from others, and finding God in all things.

  • We Build Relationships. Through community lives are transformed by willingness to love others as we love ourselves.

  • We Believe. Rooted in Christian faith we embrace a sincere respect for other beliefs.